General Questions:

Do you use real fur on your costumes?
No real fur is used in any of my costumes. I may use humanely sourced real animal parts such as horse hair, shed antlers, or even feathers, but no animal will be harmed in the process of obtaining these materials.

What is the fur made of?
It is made from polyester or acrylic fibers and is completely synthetic. Some furs may also have nylon.

Can the price of my suit be reduced if I ask for low quality materials?
No. I use high quality materials so my suits will be durable and look the best they can. Using low quality materials is also a bad representation of my work. If you want a suit I suggest saving up to get something nice that will last, even if it's not from me.

Where do you get your fur?
I purchase my fur from an array of online suppliers.
Where do you get your resin/plastic/silicone parts?
At the moment I get these things from Dream Vision Creations, however if the commissioner has another supplier in mind I'm more than happy to oblige!

Can you ship to *insert place here*?
Yes! I can ship all over the world. Please note that shipping internationally is more expensive and may take longer than shipping within the United States.

Did you get my quote form/message?
If it has been less than a week since you sent your message, yes! If it has been longer than two weeks, please re-send your message or quote form as sometimes things don't come through properly or get buried in messages.

How do I wash my costume?
You can learn how in my Care Info section and I also send a care guide with every product!

Can I have *insert item here* for free or for a discount?
I can't make you a suit for free. Materials alone cost hundreds of dollars, and I have bills to pay too! Discounts may be offered on a case by case basis.

Why do suits cost so much?
Materials alone are several hundred dollars.

Do you use latex in your costumes?
NO. I do not use latex noses/tongues/etc. Everything I use is made of silicone, resin, clay, or apoxie. I am personally very allergic to latex and since it is such a common allergy it is a bad choice of material to use on a suit that may be hugged or petted by countless people at conventions.

Mask Specific Questions:

I do not currently offer masks at this time for commission, but I do offer premades now and again. Because of this, I'm separating mask related questions into their own section!

Where do you see out of these costumes?

In most toony style fursuits, which is what I specialize in, the wearer sees through the eyes. A suit may be built to see through the mouth if the character design calls for that.

How good is vision in these costumes?

Vision is excellent in my costumes. My 3D eyes are made to be fully mesh in the back, giving the wearer the best vision possible! You may find that you have some blind spots though, usually to the sides or front. I do the best I can to eliminate them, but because of the way these costumes are constructed it can't always be helped.


How good is ventilation in these costumes?

Excellent. I put many areas for ventilation in my costumes, usually in the mouth, eyes, and nose. I can also add a fan inside the muzzle of my costumes on request.


Can you make a head that I can wear glasses with?

Yes! I build my heads to be glasses compatible by default. If you have particularly large frames, contact me and I'll tell you how to proceed.

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