About Me

The Demon Wolverine

Demon Ferret Studios is run by me, The Demon Ferret! I've been making suits since 2012, and have been trained in many art forms for most of my life. I have experience in painting, sculpting/pottery, digital art, traditional art, stage theatre, and more! With all of my experience, I am confident that if you can think it, I can make it! I personally put a dual emphasis on visual quality and perform-ability/durability, and do my best to find the ideal middle ground.

In addition to fursuit building, I am also currently a student for graphic design. Design is my other passion, whether it be advertisement, logos, web design, etc. Demon Ferret Works is my daughter company that handles my graphic work, printing work, sculpting, basically anything not fursuit related.

You may find me online by a few aliases, including The Demon Ferret, The Demon Wolverine (seen above), and D'jango Jackal (who you can see in the DFS logo). Don't be confused, all of these accounts are still me! I also always sign my messages, to alleviate confusion. If you have any concerns on whether an account is actually mine, you can always send me an email on my Contact page, which is guaranteed to go to me.

If you have any questions, please ask!