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Welcome to Demon Ferret Studios!

Demon Ferret Studios is a small fursuit and mascot-making company dedicated to design, quality, and customer satisfaction! Everything is made from high-quality materials, sourced both locally and from online suppliers. DFS is not intimidated by complex designs or new ideas, and will do its best to bring your image to life!

Take a look around! If you like what you see, and are interested in a commission, head on over to the commission page and fill out a quote form.

Have any questions? You can email me at 



You can also find me at the sites below! 

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Latest News


Silicone, Premades, & More!

We've been very busy here at DFS! We have a whole new line of silicone and resin products for use in our suit work, and they're available for YOU! Head on over to our Etsy store linked above to see our offerings, and pick up some pads while you're there.

We've also released two premade partials for the spring season. We have two more in the works slated for a late spring/early summer release, so keep an eye out for those! These partials feature our all-new adjustable head design, which allows for our suiters to customize the fit of their heads to a far greater precision than is normally possible.

We are also excited to announce that we are finally open for head and partial commissions. Slots are limited, so head on over to our Commissions page to find out the process!

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